Come see me at VeeamON 2023

VeeamOn 2023 will be on May 22nd-25th, and you should come! I'll be there in sunny Miami to see all there is to see, and learn all there is to learn all about Veeam and that their fantastic products have to offer you in the world of data recovery. Actually, it's a lot, and there's not way I can possibly absorb all the content. Need a high level overview of the agenda. Bam! Want to…

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Updating VBR v12 RTM (Build 1402) to GA (Build 1420)

For anyone who has deployed the RTM Build 1402 of Veeam Backup & Replication, you'll note that the GA build that went live on Feb 14th is Build 1420. However, when you attempt to upgrade, you'll get the below notification. After a bit of research, Rick Vanover noted in the v12 Upgrade Center in the Community Hub, there is a separate Day 0 patch that has to be applied and you cannot upgrade to 1420…

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Significant Increase in Malicious Files Delivered via OneNote Attachments

Received this email from one of our security vendors, Arctic Wolf a couple days ago. Seems like an exceptionally easy way for malware to make it into your network, so I figured I'd share as we've blocked these across the board as well. Not really sure why someone would really need to send OneNote attachments on a regular basis anyway. Summary Arctic Wolf observed a significant increase in the number of malicious files delivered and…

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Join the Veeam Backup & Replication v12 Launch Event

For those not keeping track, the long awaited release of Veeam Backup & Replication V12 is on the way with an actual launch date in sight! If you haven't been keeping up, the launch occurs on Feb 14th, and you can register for the v12 launch event at! There are a MILLION* new features in V12, many of which will be discussed during the event.. Along-side VBR v12, there are updates to the Veeam…

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Welcome to Tech Notes & Dad Jokes!

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Welcome all to my little corner of the Internet. The purpose of this blog is to relay my tech-related musings, though I can't promise that it'll all be tech. I tend to get off topic and long-winded, but I'll try and maintain some focus, though my ADHD can sometimes take over. Oh....and dad jokes....did I forget to mention those? As a father, can never really back down from a good dad joke, much to the…

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