You are currently viewing VeeamON 2023 – The Community Event for Data Recovery Experts

VeeamON 2023 – The Community Event for Data Recovery Experts

I’m planning on going to VeeamON 2023. This will be my first time to VeeamON and my first time to Miami. I’ve attended virtually the past few years, but I’ve always known full well that I wasn’t getting the same experience attending virtually that I would get in-person. COVID of course delayed in-person events, but starting last year, everyone started getting back into the swing of things and now we’re back to our new normal. Fortunately, not only am I able to attend VeeamON this year, but I am honored to be invited to attend by Veeam because of my participation in the Veeam100 program as a Veeam Legend. This is a fantastic program that Veeam has created that allows some of the best minds in the Veeam Community to come together and share ideas, knowledge and experience, and provide feedback to Veeam from the field. Special thinks to Rick Vanover and his Veeam team for inviting me!

So what IS VeeamON?

VeeamON is Veeam’s annual conference, really the premier conference, for anyone that works with or is responsible for BCDR services in any capacity. This is not limited to the end users that manage their own data protection, but also applies to ProPartners, Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers and provide BCDR services for others. This year’s event will provide you ample learning opportunities about Veeam’s products, services, and best practices as well as industry insights. And it’s being held at the beautiful Fountainebleau Miami Beach right off of the water in sunny Miami, Florida.

Looking for someone to partner with? Want to see what kind of technology is available to accompany Veeam’s products? Want to connect with other like-minded professionals? Like to compete and show off your own Veeam knowledge? Like swag and the chance to win giveaways? Want to give back to the community? Veeam has you covered. Make sure you check out Veeam Playground, LabWarz competition, Community Hub, giveaways and local and international charities that Veeam is sponsoring.

Oh, and meet the Veeam Recovery Rover!

What can I learn at VeeamON?

It’s not limited to backups, but also to disaster recovery. It’s not limited to protecting your data on-premise, but also protecting your data that is in the cloud – including but not limited to Microsoft 365, Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Salesforce. The agenda for VeeamON is massive. There are nearly endless possibilities of what you can learn at VeeamON. But here is a quick list of just a couple of the presentations and events around the VeeamON campus.

Who will be at VeeamON?

The list of speakers is long, and these are some of the finest, most knowledgeable folks that I know. And some great guest speakers from outside of Veeam. Plus several Veeam Vanguards and Legends will be presenting as well!

VeeamON 2023 Featured Speakers

What about training?

Yes, like many professional conferences, there will be certification training courses available prior to the start of the conference. If you’re interested in becoming certified as a Veeam Certified Engineer or Veeam Certified Architect (VMCE and VMCA, respectively), you can pay extra for the training courses available for an exclusive price. Note that the training now includes the “What’s New for v12: Guided Walkthrough and Hands-On Lab” – the first round of training for V12! But note that space is limited, so don’t delay in registering if you wish to attend the training sessions.

So why should I attend VeeamON 2023?

If all of the above just isn’t enough to convince you, poke around the VeeamON 2023 site for more information, or watch Rick Vanover’s quick 5 reasons to attend VeeamON 2023.

While some of the presentations will be broadcasted online, some are in-person only. Obviously, you’ll get the best experience by attending in-person, but if you can’t make it, for sure register to attend virtually so that you can still view several of the presentations, general session and keynote. If you work in an industry where protecting your data is important to you, virtual attendance is the bare minimum in my book. But you’ll get the best experience in person.

How do I register for VeeamON 2023?

And if you’re trying to justify the cost of attending in person, trust me, I get it so let me help and try to take a bit of the edge off of that pricing by offering a code that’ll take $100 off of the regular pricing. Use code VOMIAMI1003. Note that this code is only good until May 18th.

Note that for both virtual and in-person attendees, you should be able to access the VeeamON site after the event for some time to view any content you may have missed, or rewatch sessions that want to review because there is a lot of information that can come at you pretty quick.

So if you’re ready, click the button below to register. If you decide you can only register for online attendance, but want to change it to in-person later, you can do that!

So why wait? Get registered! And if you ARE attending in person, make sure to drop me a line at or hit me up on Twitter or LinkedIn to let me so that I can make sure to see you there!

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