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Welcome to Tech Notes & Dad Jokes!

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Welcome all to my little corner of the Internet. The purpose of this blog is to relay my tech-related musings, though I can’t promise that it’ll all be tech. I tend to get off topic and long-winded, but I’ll try and maintain some focus, though my ADHD can sometimes take over. Oh….and dad jokes….did I forget to mention those? As a father, can never really back down from a good dad joke, much to the chagrin of my three children who I think secretly really enjoy them, as they should. The idea is that each posting will end with a dad joke.

So just a little bit about myself….my name is Derek Loseke and I reside in Omaha, Nebraska. Professionally, I’m a Senior Systems Engineer for a local Managed Services Provider and Cloud Services Provider for the past (almost) 6 years. My primary roles include Pre-Sales Engineering and Project Implementation of IT solutions such as Servers, Storage Arrays, Virtualization, Cloud Services including Microsoft 365 and Azure, Data Protection/Backup, BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery), and some networking though I tend to leave the really in-depth stuff for my Network Engineer counterparts. I’ve been an IT professional for over 18 years and have worked with great products and services from companies such as VMware, Microsoft, Dell Technologies & Veeam among many others. I previously worked for five years “in the cloud” for a local cloud hosting provider, but now focus on SMB clients and their technology needs and have pushed our company to become Dell Gold and Veeam Silver partners. In 2019, I became active in the Dell Heroes program which is focused on Dell Partner enablement. In 2022, I was inducted into the Veeam 100 as a Veeam Legend. As a Legend, I have proven to be active in online communities like the Veeam Community Resource Hub, share my Veeam (and a few non-Veeam) experiences, provide upward feedback at conferences such as the Veeam 100 Summit, and proudly proclaim all the Backup and Disaster Recovery goodness that is Veeam, a company who’s products I truly believe in. Much of the content of this blog will be focused around the products and services that I work with daily.

Personally, I’m a father of three wonderful children and husband to a fantastic wife. I grew up on a farm in rural Nebraska. As a child, I was all about farming – pushing my die cast tractors through the dirt and eventually working on the family farm in our fields and pastures raising beef cattle, corn, soybeans and hay…right up until we got a computer in my early teens. From there, it was all about technology and I never looked back. We are a very active family as all three children range from elementary to high school ages and we are active in the never ending world of dog rescue. We have four dogs, three of which are rescues, and often joke (while simultaneously not joking) that we often like dogs better than people. I’m also a licensed Amateur Radio Operator (callsign KD0INN) and storm spotter for the Omaha metro. My primary role is coordinating communication between storm spotters out in the field and local Emergency Management agencies and the National Weather Service. I have various other hobbies as my time and focus allow.

I hope that you find this little site of value and stick with me as I relapse back into the world of blogging after having stepped away about 16 years ago with only occasional contributions to third-party sites.

And, as promised, a Dad Joke:

What does a baby computer call his father? (click to reveal the answer)

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  1. Alberto Balzerac

    Great article Derek! Great joke at the end! LOL. Another great one to make the wife’s eyes roll!

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