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Veeam Introduces Support for Proxmox VE

At the request of multiple SMB customers, much of it due to the turbulence in the virtualization industry with Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware, Veeam has listened to the requests for support of additional hypervisors. Today, Veeam announced support for Proxmox VE. This will provide support to those SMB clients that are finding VMware vSphere’s rising pricings unaffordable. Personally, I’m looking forward to this support as it now makes utilizing Proxmox much more of a viable options for my SMB clients, and has also been highly requested by the homelab community as well.

More information can be found in Veeam’s Press Release at the below link:

Additional information will be available at VeeamON 2024 next month. If you haven’t registered for VeeamON, there’s still time. Head over to and use the code “COMMUNITY10” to get 10% off your VeeamON registration fee!

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