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VeeamON 2024 – The Remote Version (Day 3)

Welcome back to my take on VeeamON 2024, the remote version. If you missed it, the review of Day 1&2 is here. As a refresher, I was able to attend VeeamON in person last year in Miami, but this year due to life circumstances, I am attending remotely. So what is my take? Day 3 coming right up!

Day 3 Closing Keynote Demofest

There were many demo’s, and the hour-long session was practically just demo’s, and to be honest, they were pretty great

Veeam Backup and Replication – Proxmox
Anthony Spiteri’s live demo had issues restoring a VM to a Proxmox environment due to a change password that he later resolved. Prop’s to Anthony for keeping his cool, playing his demo video, and figuring out, resolving, and showing the completion later on.Veeam Backup for Proxmox

Veeam Backup and Replication – MongoDB
Emilie Tellez did an excellent job of demoing how to backup and restore a MongoDB database. Honestly, not that exciting as it just follows the workflow of backing up most other databases with Veeam. And that’s a good thing as a consistent experience is key.Veeam Backup for MongoDB

Veeam Backup and Replication – EntraID
Michael Cade did an excellent job of demonstrating a restore of EntraID attributes after hacker Anton Gostev snuck in and changed his job title to CEO. Interestingly, the restore happened so quickly that Michael wasn’t able to show how the property was showing the wrong entry before VBR was able to change the attribute back. That is, Veeam was too fast for the demo! Note also that this new functionality can backup Users, Groups, Administrative Units, Roles and Application Registrations.Veeam Backup for EntraID

Veeam Backup for Salesforce
AZ did a great job of presenting the latest updates with his mad zoom-it skills.Veeam Backup for Salesforce

Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365
New features are added to v8 including MFA for Console access and Linux Proxy Pools with the ability to place the data movers into Maintenance Mode, and the ability to your primary backup with governance mode.Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365

Veeam ONE
Anthony redeemed himself by demonstrating the new Veeam AI Assistant which honestly looks pretty slick. He was able to demonstrate how the AI engine can look at the Veeam ONE environment including any linked VBR servers to look for unusual jobs and durations, and the Threat Center, etc. It can also create summarized results using normal terminology that you’d expect, including when specifying objects without entire names, etc. That is, Anthony asked the engine for information on server “006” when the actual server name was “SQL-VeeamON-006”. Seems like a very intelligent engine overall.Veeam ONE AI Engine

Pre-recorded Sessions

There were several pre-recorded sessions to view. Unfortunately, all of them were level 100 content, meaning not very technical. I’ve watched few a few of them including the hidden features of the Veeam Service Provider Console 8.1 as well as the Veeam Data Cloud’s ROI-Driven BaaS Approach. With that said, these sessions fell a bit flat for me as I know the in-person sessions had much more technical content that would have been of greater value.

On-Site Recorded Sessions

As in VeeamON’s past, some of the in-person sessions have been recorded and will be posted to the VeeamON site for future viewing. I’m not sure how long they will remain posted, but last year’s were online for at least a couple of months. I’ve been told that the pre-recorded sessions will remain online for a month. Once you have access to any and all of those sessions, I highly recommend viewing those that are of particular interest to you. I have a LONG list of those on-site sessions that I’d like to view, so I’m hoping that all or at least most of them have been recorded. If I find any of interest, I’ll call them out in another post.

That said, VeeamON 2024 is a wrap. The only thing remaining for those in Fort Lauderdale is the closing celebration, which again, I highly recommend but is only available in-person.

In summary, if you’re able to go to future VeeamON events in person, I highly recommend it. The online experience is perhaps just barely adequate, but in person attendance is well worth the cost for the content and experience.

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